Sustainable, Performance Roofing Shingles

Is a variant of asphalt shingles and can be made to mimic different types of shingle styles. They are manufactured using a blend of roofing materials to help make them more eco-friendly and durable. Cool roofing products usually cost no more than comparable conventional roofing products. The easiest and least expensive way to make your roof cool is to choose a cool covering during new construction, or when your existing roofing covering needs to be replaced.
Its long lifespan makes it an incredibly good investment, as well as very eco-friendly. One slate roof equals 3-4 roofs being replaced and thrown in landfills in its time. In fact, shingles made of cedar can be treated to be fire-resistant and prevent premature decay in some climates. Pine is also available treated with preservatives to keep away pesky insects, as well as early rot and decay. The primary function of your roof is to protect you and your home from various elements, but different types of roof materials have different advantages and disadvantages. On the other hand, the presence of roof penetrations like chimneys and HVAC systems can make installation a bit harder and more expensive.
It requires little preservation, and comes in a variety of colors, types, styles and brands. The clay tiles themselves are delicate, so walking on them can be tough. Even though they are fragile to weight, they are very resistant to the elements such as harmful UV rays. Wood shingles and shake are another roofing material that is often chosen for the aesthetic it produces. However, compared to slate tiles wood shingles and shake are a much less expensive option, costing only $100 to $150 per square.
The following are a few of the most common selections for California residencies. If you have any questions, be sure to contact your preferred local roofer. Traditional rust or sienna-colored terra cotta tiles keep buildings cool through their shape as much as their composition. Terra cotta tiles go through a baking process in ovens, or kilns, which makes them harder and less porous in terms of holding lots of heat. Most often they’re molded into a half-barrel or “S” shape, forming interlocking arches across a roof. Space beneath the arch of each tile allows for air and water circulation and runoff, which prevents heat capture and keeps the home below cooler.
Use of photovoltaic shingles and sheets will eventually lead to lower prices and increased performance, but usage isn’t widespread yet. Having a sufficiently sunny locale is more of a permanent issue, as peak savings and solar energy power capabilities depend on per capita sunny days. Barrie Roofing will tell whether cities like London and Seattle, for example, will use the solar harnessing technology as much as Phoenix or Athens, Greece. Reflecting heat back up into the air is one thing, but holding the heat for use as alternative energy is quite another.
With 35 convenient locations spread across the United States, we are able to meet your every roofing need. Here at American Roofing, we believe our exceptional service is what sets us apart and makes us stand out. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff is here to help with your every roofing need. In warm, moist locations, where roofs are subject to algae or mold growth, dark growths may be more visible on light-colored roofs than on dark roofs. Some roof coatings include special chemicals that prevent mold or algae growth for a few years.
However, such roofs are fairly pricey to install and always require the help of a licensed pro. Trying a DIY install for clay or concrete molded roof tiles is never recommended due to the price of the materials and how difficult they are to work with. Opting for terracotta or concrete tiles for your next roof is an excellent idea if you live in a hotter, more arid climate or by the coast. Clay roof tiles display excellent resistance to salty air and extreme heat, which is why they are so common in Mediterranean climates like Southern California.
Maintaining wood roofing is also labor and time-consuming and, without the required maintenance, the roof can become severely damaged and ineffective. Solar tiles take a long time to install and are also incredibly expensive. Additionally, they are somewhat fragile compared to other options.